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Gay marriage

Manipulations around the theme of same-sex marriage, parenthood and families.

Manipulative reporting on same sex marriages

1. / Report on France 2 One o'clock news, on 19/10/2012:

- the feminaphile manipulator Élise Lucet: "But we will begin with the story of MarinettePichon: the former captain of the French women's football team. She is lesbian, something that she has never hidden; but what is new is that she has just been granted parental leave, if you like, to support her partner who will be giving birth in November. It was the Conseil Général of Essonne that approved it. Anne Guery and Pascal Caron :

- the feminaphile manipulator Anne Guery: "These two women are used to victories. Marinette Pichon, the star of women's football and Ingrid Moatti, the wheelchair basketball champion. Together for seven years, they are expecting[…] the birth of their baby; and today they have just learnt that they will both be able to be present at the birth. It's perhaps their greatest success."

- Ingrid Moatti: It's one of our greatest victories; it was the most difficult one, certainly […]. We have been trying to have a baby for five years.

- the feminaphile manipulator Anne Guery: "And the baby was conceived by in vitro fertilisation. To welcome it, they heard the good news last night: Marinette Pichon has just been granted 11 days of parental leave by her boss.

- Marinette Pichon: "It's wonderful, because I will be there when my partner gives birth; and I will be able to stay with her for the first days with our baby."

- the feminaphile manipulator Anne Guery: "The employer that has just taken the plunge is the Conseil Général of Essonne. Marinette Pichon manages the sport for the département; and so everyone is celebrating Marinette's parental leave. For Jérôme Guedj, the socialist president, it shouldn't stop there":

- the feminaphile manipulator, and socialist, Jérôme Guedj : "I would also like to see paid leave to look after sick children, Christmas services, in fact,anything to do with the child's presence in family, whatever the type of family guaranteed and accepted"

- the feminaphile manipulator Anne Guery :" As for Marinette's colleagues, they have no opinion on the question of gay parents. They just say that Marinette is a parent like they are, with the same rights.:"

- A colleague:"There is no reason why Marinette should not take the same paid leave that we have been able to take."

the feminaphile manipulator Anne Guery: "No doubt, Marinette is within her rights to take leave for a sick child, since the law adopted this week should come into force in January 2013." (1 oclock news on France 2, 19/10/2012)

Correction to this first report

Dictionary definition: the idea of parenthood is linked to the father and the mother, to paternal and maternal references and the man and the woman; and not to two women or two men!

   As is the concept of parental leave! What kind of manipulative language does the feminaphile manipulator use ? From the start, two "linguistic formulations are imposed: parental leave or paternity leave, understood as being for same sex couples and same sex parents, but without questioning their pertinence or legitimacy and repeated in the hope to make it fact. As you can observe, "Nothing was questioned or challenged in the report". They also insidiously impose the new definition of parenthood sought by the media lobbies, that way everyone will agree! Only in this report of course. This is how you are manipulated in the media and in schools: by using manipulation techniques and insidious influence (acts of feminaphilia ), they break and enter into your psyche without your knowledge, they place an ideology, an opinion, and the new desired definition of parenthood, demanded by the TV and LGBT lobbies; and also therefore of the family, etc. For the term of parent or parenthood, this is a perversion of language (language manipulation). At the same time as this type of manipulation, other techniques have been observed: by censuring opponents (psychoanalysts, philosophers, etc) and opposing opinions (no debates or openness"), and a technique that is highly effective: conditioning: have you not noticed here that the manipulator associates with the new imposed definitions of "parenthood, marriage and same sex families", ideological and semantic inventions ,"in a positive context ", in other words images (happy, contented faces), positive expressions and words: "wonderful; our first days with our baby; used to success; etc." This is what we call conditioning: structured around the perversion of language, imposed linguistic formulae, (language manipulation) and the absence of debate between both parties (censorship) it can only give rise to the general public accepting same-sex marriage and the new definitions of same-sex parenthood and families, imposed on you without your knowledge: since everything is beautiful and wonderful, and there are no problems, you buy-in to the "idealised and falsified" speech of media and LGBT lobbies.

   But what aspect of international and French law is under attack? For example, in French law, " the law comes from the general will" and not the specific will of lobbies, etc; what about the child's rights, mentioned nowhere?; what about the principle of equality, which is also "under attack"?: "limited to similar situations, and exclusively when it concerns individuals"; yet, it's about children's rights, etc.; what about the issue of protecting the language: is it "progress for civilisation" when we mix oranges and lemons in the same crate, for us to pretend that there are only oranges, "in the interests of non-discrimination of (TV) lobbies? In two distinct cases, a word has been invented and found to describe them. This would no longer be the case between heterosexual couples able to have children (family, marriage and parent) and same-sex couples, who cannot. As the psychologist Beauvais said, "the debates [destroy] the effect of many years of propaganda. (J-L Beauvois, Les influences sournoises)»; this why it is important never to do this on TV, especially before an election, as Hollande did in 2012 in France; otherwise, the French would not have voted for this socialist! Where is democracy in all this? No trace! What about the USA? Do Americans have the right to balanced debates at peak viewing hours? I doubt it very much!

2. / Television report on France 2 at 8pm on 29/01/2013

- the feminaphile manipulator Laëtitia Legendre-Trousset : "Right from the start, Maël had two fathers and two mothers: eight years ago, two same-sex couples, one of women, the other of men, met to have a children. After insemination, the new born was immediately very supported by the four adults.

- Maël, aged 17: "When I came out of my mother's tummy, I looked at them one by one […]", so, a cute little anecdote .

- the feminaphile manipulator: "Is that what they told you?"

- Maël, aged 17 : "Everyone was together for the pregnancy; the conception happened in a place where they were all present: they all supported each other. And then my education was carried out with all four."

- the feminaphile manipulator: "To preserve the balance, his parents decided that he would live with his biological mother and his godmother during the week; and every other weekend, with her father and his godfather: this is how they call each other; even if he considers all four of them, fully as parents."

- Maël: "It's a family like any other."

- the feminaphile manipulator: "Aren't there quite a lot of them though?"

- Maël: "Yes, quite a lot of them; but that way there I am loved even more."

- the feminaphile manipulator: "Isn't it sometimes a bit smothering […] ?"

- Maël: "It has been suffocating; but I think, that its like a mother hen with her daughter or son: its comes down to the same thing."

- the feminaphile manipulator: "Except here there are four?"

- Maël: "Yes, there are four, but everyone is different, so we get on."

- the feminaphile manipulator: "For Mael's education or health, each parent has their opinion; except over the last few years, the family has grown: his mother and godmother have separated; as has his father and his partner . Since then, three of them have found new partners; but they still get on."

- the feminaphile manipulator : "But how many parents do you have?"

- Maël: "Parents? Four. Only four; although I like my step parents a lot. If I include my step parents, that makes seven. So yes, it starts to add up!"

- la feminaphile manipulator: "This high school student in his last year closely follows the parliamentary debates on the draft law; but he refuses to be thought of as a 'Enfant d'homos' (child of homosexual parents). Enfants d'homos, is the name of a blog that [another] young man has just set up. He was only seven when his mother and father divorced. His mother then moved in with a Gaëlle, a woman who bought him up over the next ten years and who accepted him right away."

- the other young man : "When I did something wrong, I was just as afraid of her reaction as that of my mother." And when she told me off, I paid as much attention to her words as those of my mother [...].

- the feminaphile manipulator : "He is still in contact with his father, but his grandfather and his uncles have also been father figures for him. When he had questions about his sexuality, he turned to his mother; and her answer surprised him."

- the other young man : "I'm sorry, I am not a man. Whatever I might tell you, it would be better that you ask a man. And so I asked my father. It's ridiculous, he was really embarrassed. He didn't know what to say."

- the feminaphile manipulator : "This music journalist has since found an answer to his questions: the 24 year old young man is going out with a female student: the sexual orientation of his mother doesn't seem to have influenced him."

- the feminaphile manipulator : "You don't ask yourself any more questions because you have a lesbian mother?"

- the other young man : "You ask yourself fewer questions […], precisely because you can see that anything is possible. And therefore, you ask yourself questions when you don't know. But when you do know..."[ridiculous logic: the opposite is also true]

- the feminaphile manipulator : "Its easier?"

- the young man : "Its easier."

- the feminaphile manipulator : "These children of same-sex couples make a point of insisting on how normal their childhood was: specific examples, which are not representative of all families with same-sex parents." (L.  Legendre-Trousset and David Pujadas, France 2, 8 o'clock News on 29/01/2013){}"

Correction to the second report

   Just as on other television channels, they manipulate the French language in this report (language manipulation: language perversion,) by drawing on rare cases where there has clearly been, in the first example, a meeting between a man and a woman (out of two same-sex couples) to produce a child; and they continued to stay in contact. In this exceptional case, it's not completely wrong to use the term "parent", but there are only two parents: the mother and father, and they still see each other, so that's why it's possible to use the word "parent"; but there are not four, as the France 2 feminaphile manipulator said: the use of an exceptional example, which has nothing to do with most same sex couples these days, is employed to insidiously impose the idea of “same-sex couple parents and parenthood" which doesn't exist in reality or in the Dictionary and to make it seem as if it were commonplace. (This is the first manipulation) The second manipulation is more obvious: the child was born after the mother and father met and fell in love; therefore there are indeed parents in this case; then came the change in sexual orientation; but the child had the time to compare the difference in sexes and to shape his personality, since it was several years after his birth that the change in sexual orientation occurred in the mother. (Language manipulation). The same is true for the term "family": homosexuals cannot have families, because they cannot procreate together; but here they are using one of the few, exceptional examples, where there was indeed a relationship between a man and a women at the outset, then children, before there was a change in sexual orientation, in order to "impose" the idea on the unsuspecting public, that there can be "same-sex" families. Obviously, that's completely wrong: since these examples have nothing in common with the majority of cases, it's a confabulation and an ideological invention. Language perversion is a hidden poison that seeps into their unsuspecting minds!

   The feminaphile manipulator Laëtitia Legendre-Trousset and the young man nevertheless pretend that this new model proposed is wonderful: and in this report combine the "positive context", in other words the images and positive terms such as: "more love" ; 'you can see that anything is possible' ; the sexual orientation of his mother doesn't seem to have influenced him ; etc." The audience is being subjected to evaluative conditioning. Here "gay marriage" is being extolled, in the same way as others might extol the euro or a federal Europe, with all the unhappiness for the people which came with it: ruin and poverty for the majority and not at all the prosperity and growth promised. As if they were promoting food brands on a TV ads! Everything is always presented in a wonderful way in the French media, as well as in American media, to make you accept "gay marriage" But there is no sign of other opinions (censorship) Our feminaphile manipulators know that if the general pubic were aware of all the issues, they would not accept the arguments of the (TV) lobbies!

Éric Jourdain, (28/05/2013), Psychoanalyst, University of Caen

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