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A new kind of manipulator

Éric Jourdain, University of Caen 
1. the feminaphile  2. gay marriage   3. marital « rape »

Brief lexicon

1.  manipulative feminaphile: any person working with the public (adults and children), for example teachers, journalists, politicians, psychologists, university professor, etc. who abuses the power conferred by his/her position and the public's trust by bending the latter to his/her will (same sex marriage, the Euro, etc.) using manipulative techniques and insidious influences. This person also "attacks" democratic and republican values and principles: the principle of republican equality, the Law, democracy, etc., although constrained by his/her position (teacher, government minister, journalist, etc.) to respect these values and principles.

2 . sleazy propaganda: the closest description for what I referred to in my book as the neologism feminaphilic acts; however, sleazy propaganda refers to the manipulative techniques and insidious influences on which these condemnable acts rely ,highlighting their "unlawful or criminal nature", and this is new.

3.  feminaphilic acts: refers to the classic and mental manipulation, abuse of power and misuse of trust of which the general public is a victim; this is morally and, it is to be hoped one day, legally indefensible. And also, the attack on the Law, values and principles of a country by leading public figures such as ministers, magistrates and professors, etc.

A new kind of manipulator : the feminaphile

   A manipulative feminaphile's activities have a single purpose: when they are not targeting "freely consented action", "freely embraced thinking, ideas and opinion" that come under fire. In actual fact, manipulative feminaphiles ensure that we are no longer able to think and act in any other manner than that they intend, by making us believe that the opinion, idea or thought comes from you, whilst the reality is that they come from them and are put into your mind without your knowledge, surreptitiously, subliminally against your free will using unacceptable and dishonest means: "Your are free to think for yourselves, because we live in a democracy!", is what they claim, while they smiling at you, read you your rights and above all, provide you with scapegoats, for instance anyone who is against federal Europe and same-sex marriage, who are described as reactionary, etc. And while diverting your attention. For instance, in France there was the case of the infamous tweet: 22 words with which France's First Lady, Valérie Trierweiler, showed her support for Olivier Falorni, a dissident socialist who came second in the elections at La Rochelle in 2012. Ms Trierweiler wrote: "Best wishes to Olivier Falorni who was a worthy candidate and who has selflessly supported La Rochelle's citizens for so many years". This Tweet made headlines in newspapers and on the news, and was covered in special programmes for months, even though it was scarcely important! In the US, there was the Monica Lewinsky affair: born in July 1973, a young American woman hit the news between 1998-1999 when it was revealed that she had had sexual relations with President Bill Clinton while on an internship in the White House. The Lewinsky affair or Monicagate received exceptional worldwide media coverage; and yet it was of little importance! Compared to other issues, of course. And there is a long list of such trivia which make headlines. These attempts to create "scapegoats and media diversions" work effectively every time , inhibiting your reasoning and stopping you from noticing their scheming!

   The feminaphile manipulators work in the "people sectors (TV lobbies, teaching bodies, political spheres) dealing with power, transmission, authority and health, and represent a new threat and a new form of criminality. It is all the more dangerous and effective because they are masked, armed and work "officially" with the best intentions in the world: It's always "in the Best interests", "to uphold values" (which they erode), "with the aim of eliminating homophobia and discrimination", etc. " that they act in the public sphere, where there is nevertheless the obligation to respect human dignity, the freedom of others, via the law and legislation, etc: In France, there is law n° 86-1067 of 30 September 1986 concerning the freedom of communication; the Constitution, the EU charter, etc.) Hence the seriousness of such scheming described here. When one is in front of a teacher or a journalist, etc, they will not present themselves as feminaphile manipulators. They will immediately put you at your ease, win you over, make themselves agreeable: the" [...] personal charm offensive method appears under various guises [...]. Building trust and winning over public opinion. Using extremely eloquent speech and appropriate gestures. Just the right tone of humour. [...]. (Dorna, University of Caen, Discours de propagande et techniques de manipulation, p 44) When you watch the 1 o'clock news on France 2, who could fail to be charmed, lulled and fascinated by the anchor woman? Most of the time, its someone you trust, and who is always smiling. You should know that the "feminaphile act (manipulation)" is "undetectable", the feminaphile manipulator will therefore be able to do as they please: the victim therefore walks into a scenario that has been planned long before, just as the rapist plans to corner his prey in a dark place. As a colleague of mine from Caen, A Dorna, said "people who get media exposure don't know that they are victims of a disguised (insidious) attempt to influence them. (Discours de propagande et techniques de manipulation, p 46)

   The feminaphile always has a moral authority and "intellectual superiority" over their audience: "because they are teachers, journalists, etc, they will use it"; in other words, in the background, there is the desire to impose their will on the general public, the unconscious and conscious desire for silent, psychological influence": "You won't see anything; you won't notice that I am manipulating you and you won't react; etc." . This prior knowledge that the trusting public will not resist, is the way they swindle them, but artificially, by getting them to unwittingly adopt an ideology,, an opinion, a voting decision, etc: gay marriage; the Euro; "sexual harassment" ( considered differently in another time: invasion of privacy, hoax calls, etc.); but here, finally it was through subterfuge (manipulations), breach of trust and misuse of power. Indeed, the general public or the individual would not have adopted a political opinion, made a voting decision, etc. of the media or teaching body, etc. if they had not been victim of such manipulations. The victim (and it doesn't happen to others!) doesn't see it coming; and is not able to work out what is happening. These manipulations represent a breach of human dignity, and a violation of the law by professionals who in France are subject to the law of 1989 concerning communication, ethics and "neutrality" (a republican principle) as well as the other major laws and regulations (Constitution, Charter of Fundamental rights). Let's take the example of gay marriage, to start with, which is quite revealing when it comes to practices, which should hopefully become illegal one day.

Éric Jourdain, (27/05/2013), Psychoanalyst, University of Caen

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